Mysterious incidents...my turn to tell you...

OK Gabi…time to tell you about what’s been going on in my life.
I started on about this the other day, remember? When we were chatting in Habbo.

Well, I always knew that my dad’s death wasn’t as straightforward as the police reckoned. And I was right! But I didn’t expect that the truth would still be unravelling half a year later.

We were all told that dad died on June 15th while in Mexico.

But, that’s not the whole truth. An old friend of dad’s came to visit, Rodrigo, a singer. I think Rodrigo had a visiting Fellowship at Aquinas – my dad’s Oxford college.

Anyhow, Rodrigo came to sing in a concert. Afterwards we went out for an Indian meal. Rodrigo got to talking about how my dad disappeared how his plane crashed in Campeche and everything…

The thing is, Rodrigo was puzzled about the date he’d seen published in the news - the date of my dad’s plane crash.

Rodrigo said that June 15th couldn’t be right because he saw dad that day in Saffron Walden. He was pretty sure it was the 15th – Rodrigo remembered doing a lunchtime concert that day. He’d bumped into my dad in the morning, before the concert.

And then my mum got REALLY upset. In fact – she passed out.

Rodrigo seemed confused for a while. Eventually he admitted that he must have got it wrong. Perhaps he’d seen him earlier in the year, like March! I think he was just backtracking because mum was getting upset.

Because, I think he’s right. I worked it out. It would be quite possible for a jet plane to have been at the military airfield near Saffron Walden and taken my dad back to Mexico in time to be in a plane that night. Remember there are 6 hours difference!

And I have a pretty good idea what might be in Saffron Walden too. But it’s something I need to investigate in person. I’m gonna go and look into this with a friend.

So Gabi, I’ll need to sign off for a bit. Should be back tomorrow.

Until then – stay put! And don’t forget – the minute you get those lab results, email me!