Jackson's blog...

Thx for password clue in Habbo.

Hey you know what...someone else left me a tip about Jackson's blog in my room. No idea if they read YOUR note, found your blog or what but...BE CAREFUL. I know you want to put some record of what's going on, just in case...but DON'T ever let on where you are.

We can only hope that whoever is doing this is on our side. I daren't contact him/her though. Jeez...I'm not that hard to find - and Simon Madison knows exactly where I live!

Reading JB's blog now. Duh…we should have read your Dad’s blog more closely. Must admit all the technobabble kinda put me off… :P

Can we meet again to chat?

Tomorrow in Habbo, my MariposaJosh room, 11:30 your time 17:30 mine, okay?

And in the meantime keep posting new info on your blog okay Gabi? That way we can chat with all the latest intelligence at our fingertips.

But be careful. Sorta. You know what I mean.

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