ooop...hello stranger!

Hey there! (and thanks for your comment on my ancient blog post!) Yeah…I stopped posting here a while ago. Complications and…ahhh stuff. Don’t want to go into details now. Can you meet me online to talk?

In Habbo Hotel, search for MariposaJosh's room, TOMORROW, 11:30 your time, which is 17:30 mine...doh...I think...

PS Habbo UK, i.e.


  1. Read your blog, and I just tried that room in Habbo Hotel, Josh. It has a password! What is it? Help!!!

    :( I guess you've gone to bed by now...

    Will look again here right away when I wake up tomorrow!

  2. Oh yeah...sorry, forgot about that.

    I have left clues to the password for you on some POKEMON trading cards at

    Look for stuff under Swapper capoeirajosh.

    You should be able to work out the password - you'll recognise the place name I'm sure.


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