I'm still here...but also, I'm moving...

Hello, I am Josh, I live in the mysterious, hidden underground city. My life is majorly weird but kind of exciting too.

So yeah, I moved to the 'invisible city'. :P

It had to be done!

Working on a new blog now, but I don't want to lead people from HERE to THERE. Might be risky.

(If you know what I mean.)

If you're seeing this for the first time you may want to start reading from the beginning.

My blog begins with a Walking Contradiction.

Then after a Leaf Storm, I abandoned the blog...for personal reasons. (mainly that someone was vexing me with their comments...)

But then my godfather's daughter Gabi Beltran started to comment on my blog. And a whole load of other stuff started with Gabi...a LONG story. You can probably work it out if you follow my comments, her comments, look at Gabi's blog, follow our trail in Habbo Hotel, etc, GET MY DRIFT?

I had to leave in the middle of helping Gabi with her mystery, cos well, my own life started to get very complicated.

Then there were adventures and scary wild crazy stuff and...I ended up living in an invisible city.

It would probably make a good book, my life. If I ever had the time to write it!

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