Walking Contradiction

I need a place where I can get rid of all these things going on in my head. Things you don’t want to talk about. Things your friends, your family don’t want you to talk about.

Hence this blog.

I didn’t used to be like this, mooching around on my own, writing down my deepest, darkest thoughts. Not even that long ago - a couple of weeks back, I was just another guy at school.

Okay, probably not the cleverest or strongest, definitely not the best-looking or most popular, but apart from that I don’t think I had a single complaint in the world.

The thing was, I didn’t know it, thought my problems were a big deal.

Well…I had no idea.

There was this phone call and people are telling me I need to go home early. So I’m on my skateboard and down the road.

Never thinking it through. Never guessing that somewhere up the street, a storm was brewing. I sailed towards it, practically singing.